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Sportfishing is a huge part of my life and it was only natural that I progressed and ultimately was drawn to boating as well, to complete the love affair. The idea of creating a charter business came to me after constant badgering from fellow fishing buddies and family members and with that I dreamt of running a top notch operation – this opportunity presented itself when I was introduced to Kuala Rompin by Charles Lee in mid 2005. Later that year, in the inaugural Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge tournament, our crack team of Cheah Soon Nan, Charles Lee and I, aided by a local gun skipper Captain Tan Pair Seng (aka Kai-Chai / Mat Kilau) and calling ourselves Hook On C Adventures, we won the coveted Team Champion trophy.

With that first tournament win, Hook On C Adventures was born and we have never looked back since. That first win inspired and propelled me to seriously consider this operation and put my thoughts into action. That dream had begun to crystalise.

To prove that we were no ‘flash in the pan’, we won again in 2006 and thereafter we entered more than one team under the HOC name and we were victorious again in 2009 with the Team Champion honours.

Through our network of friends, business associates and family, we have spread the word about Rompin fishing grounds far and wide over the years which has resulted in numerous photo-journalists and sportfishermen from Australia, Japan and France to descend on these waters to experience it first hand and write about it in their respective fishing magazines. This has given fantastic exposure to this venue which it deserves and we can only hope that this continues as we share our experience with like-minded sportfishermen the world over in chasing great game fish.

Special Thanks
Our deepest gratitude goes out to Tan Pair Seng, Charles Lee, Cheah Soon Nan, Kenny Lee, Yuriko Khoo, Wan Wen Wan, Tan Yee Peow, Goh Kim Seng, Wong Sung Ping, Byron Gardiner, David Freer and finally David Cheng. And a very special thanks to all our family members and friends for being there for us. “Without help and support from all, this dream would not have come through”